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Hout Bay

Houtbay was named by Jan van Riebeeck, literally 'Wood Bay', as this area was his source for the timber used to construct the Castle shortly after his arrival in 1652.

The natural beauty and luscious forests of the area have made this town popular destination for locals and tourists. Outdoors enthusiasts have the option of choosing from several popular walks and hikes.

A quick drive up Chapman's Peak offers a similar picturesque view of the Bay from a high vantage point. Not surprisingly this area is often used as a filming location due to the variety of contrasting landscapes that are found so close together. Nestled at the foot of Chapman's Peak is the Constantia Mountains and Karbonkel Mountain. This area is quite protected from the wind, which only adds to the appeal of the Houtbay beach, where sun-tanners, surfers, kayakers, cyclists, fisherman and families are regularly spotted.

There is a thriving food and restaurant industry in The Republic of Houtbay, and visitors can enjoy sundowners overlooking the Bay from many lookout points. The range of restaurants means that there is a suitable option for every occasion, no matter your budget.

The Houtbay common plays hosts many craft markets and fair-type events where anything from doughnuts to jewellery to rides on a Shetland pony can be purchased. A prevalence of stables and horse-riding schools in the area allows visitors the option of booking an hour or a day's outride.

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